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How it all started -
From 2011 to 2014, I collected photos and wrote illustrated plant lists for Marin County, where I live.  I wanted to make it easy for you to find a plant, given a specific location or topic, by

·       Limiting the size of the list you had to choose from, and

·       Offering lots of photos to help you choose your plant.

·       Attaching captions to photos to add meaning.


This worked well, but it took too much work to put together each illustrated list. 


Since 2014, I’ve  been working on a database approach that will allow hundreds of photographers and authors to submit photographs and put together illustrated plant lists, to cover all of California.


To the right are the original articles, which you’ll find very useful if you happen to live in Marin County.


Below is a link to the current database version of


Cirsium occidentale var. venustum 2_Venus Thistle_Pantoll Road_1984-05-12__WF

Common Marin Thistles

New features include:

·        Easy searching choices

·        More information about plants in the slideshow

·        Expanded Plant Lists, authored by many people.


Arctostaphylos canescens 3_Hoary Manzanita_Verna Dunshee Trail North End_1994-02-20__WF--__WF

Marin Manzanitas

Introduction to

Describes how works for users, what’s happening behind the scenes, and what’s next.


Monitor Pass Flowers

Iris douglasiana_Douglas Iris_Mt. Burdell_1991-04-19__WF-__WF

Marin Irises  


Interior Live Oak_Quercus wislizeni__SGM

Marin Acorns  



Mountain Home to West Point Intro--2012-01-11 South Mt Tam

Mountain Home to West Point, on southern Mt. Tamalpais

Marin Wildflower Flashcards


Lichen - Ramilina is flat and Usnia is very thin-6

Introduction to Marin Lichens (under construction)


More plant groups to come… is produced by Bruce Homer-Smith and the Marin Chapter of the California Native Plant Society.


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