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See it and ID it

This site is designed to make plant identification easy everyone – from beginners to experts. 

Our approach is to present picture lists of small groups of plants, so it is easy to pick out the one you’re looking at.  We have two strategies:

1.      Favorite Walks – we show only plants you’ll see on a particular walk, or in a small area.  By the time you say whether you’re looking at a tree, a shrub, or a flower, you’ve got a nice short list to choose from.

2.      Plant Groups – we show only a particular plant group, such as “Marin Thistles”, or “Acorns you’ll find in Marin”.  Our short picture list points out how you can tell these similar plants apart.

How Picture Lists Work:

·        Each plant has 3 photos and field ID tips to help you choose.

Once you pick a plant you think is a match, click on the plant name link.

·        You’ll then see a page dedicated to that plant, showing lots of photos, information, and links.


How to make better is a collaboration of photographers, plant experts and writers.  Here’s how you can join in.

Rules for copying and using materials on this site

We’ve set this site up to be a teaching tool.  We’d like others to be able to adapt it to their needs.  Here are the rules for adapting your own materials from this site.

Why we do it

To observe,

To embrace,

To be awed,

To be rocked.

And to share it with you.

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